John Lennon Tooth...Is JL your Dad?

John Lennon DNA Pendant

 John Lennon DNA Necklace to be gifted to Rock Star Steven Tyler/Al Pacino or may help a new charity?
(see update below)
Photograph: Actual casting of the first John Lennon DNA Pendant - one of three in the world, valued at $25,000 - according to jeweller Ari Soffer 'it took quite a few attempts but we are very excited about the final result'. 

Hard Days Night for Lennon's tooth - what's next?

The ‘crazy dentist’ who bought John Lennon’s molar for a possible Guinness Record has just announced that he’s giving one of his ‘John Lennon DNA pendants’ to rock legend Steven Tyler. “I wanted to tell him in person last fall, but I was too shy to approach him when our paths met in Los Angeles. If I would have had the pendant with me I would have given it to him then,” says Dr. Michael Zuk. The dentist is also considering a gift to Al Pacino as inspiration for a movie project related to John Lennon. 

One of the DNA pendants made a tour of the UK and Ireland last year as part of a program to raise awareness for mouth cancer. The dental office in Liverpool actually won an award for the project with Dr. Zuk presenting the selection in Leeds.

Background Story:

Michael Zuk DDS, the ‘obsessed’ dentist that bought John Lennon’s rotten tooth for over $30,000 US and who also purchased one of Elvis Presley's crowns released the following statement:
“To celebrate the life of one of Rock & Rolls greatest artists I am pleased to announce we have teamed up on a unique DNA jewellery project with Los Angeles celebrity jewellery designer Ari Soffer who has made pieces for stars such as Tommy Lee, Axl Rose and Slash. I recently discovered Ari’s work after my wife mentioned she'd kill for a diamond encrusted pendant that a Beverly Hills Housewife star was wearing. One thing led to another and Ari thought my idea was cool and we threw around some ideas and came up with some serious pendant jewellery designs." -mz

The JOHN LENNON DNA Tribute PENDANT production studio may be viewed at :


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